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Channels is a free and voluntary grassroots community initiative. You may have some connections on LinkedIn, you may have some friends who do similar work to you, and you may even be interacting with other #Comms people from behind the name of your organisation or brand online. But, there is often too little meaningful interaction between those of us who work in various communications positions across these various sectors. Channels was started to fill this gap in communication between communications practitioners in social impact fields and add an element of creativity, energy, fun into the community. 

What do we do?

Provide a platform for knowledge sharing among like-minded people

Create content and invite blogs written by our community on #SocialImpactComms

Host professional and personal development events for members

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Faith Toran, Channels Co-Founder

& C4D Consultant

Faith D. Toran is a C4D Consultant with 7 years of experience working globally in International Development in Burkina Faso, France, India and Guinea. Specialized experience in Communications for Development (C4D) Project design, implementation and management. Key skills include performance indicator design and development, knowledge management and reporting, capacity building, youth civic engagement, public policy, fluency in English and French, strong planning and organizational skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Kobo Toolbox, CommCare Fundamentals and multimedia software Adobe Premiere Pro, and the ability to adapt to new technologies and implement innovative strategies, which ensure project sustainability.


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