The Channels Blog

The Channels Network is born

by Gabriella Mikiewicz and Faith Toran, Communications Consultants and Co-Founders of Channels

The Channels Network is an innovative global network of communication consultants, researchers, practitioners, junior scholars, and other professionals working to provide effective communication approaches and strategies in humanitarian context. Channels facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and provides assistance to communication consultants for professional capacity building.

How it all started

We were put into contact by Loksan Harley and Molly Morrison at the Impact Consulting Hub. Loksan and Molly started the IC Hub in their spare time to guide and connect others who are at various stages of their consulting journeys. This network has been a tremendous success, and we've benefited from their efforts and have been very inspired by the work they do and their commitment to helping others. We were so inspired, in fact, that we thought, 'why doesn't a network exist for Communications professionals working in social impact fields?’

After a few online chats and lots of shared laughs and knowledge, we decided to do something about it. The Channels Network was born on 02 February 2021!

Faith and Gabriella meeting online to discuss the Channels launch strategy!

Our Aims and Vision

As a network of professionals, our aim is to provide opportunities. Opportunities for jobs and employment (by providing a bi-weekly job round-up); opportunities for networking (by having regular calls with like minded professionals); opportunities for personal and professional development (by hosting workshops and webinars, and by creating and sharing resources and blogs); and more.

How you can get involved

Become a Channels member! Membership is voluntary and free, and you get lots of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Access to our members portal where you can log-in and see all other Channels members;

  • Receive monthly Channels newsletters which include lots of great information and resources;

  • Access to resources such as guides, invitations to special events, and other exclusive content;

  • The ability to sign-up for member-exclusive events, such as networking meet-ups, workshops, and more;

  • Being invited to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups;

  • Being able to contribute to The Channels Blog, as well as help create resources and participate in knowledge sharing.

You can sign up on our website today! Thank you for being part of Channels,

- Faith and Gabriella